OPINION: New Bedford woman frustrated with poor conditions and treatment at housing complex

“Could you please put this on your page? I live at the Hidden Brook Housing Apartments. I have lived here for a good 6 years.

Not only has the rent gone from $1,750 a month to now $2,095 a month but part of my contract is 24/7 maintenance. I have complained multiple times about my furnace not working and smoking and not producing AC but also the toilet on my first floor is broken and moves when you sit on it.

My father is severely disabled and can only use my bathroom on the first floor. I have called maintenance twice tonight and put in a work order and they still have not come to fix my AC or furnace that is smoking and making horrible noises. I have 7 fans on my second floor going to just cool off the upstairs let alone what I have going on downstairs to keep my disabled father and my 6-year-old child cool.

This is inhuman and a complete break in our legal contracting stating there is 24/7 emergency maintenance and I do believe AC not working in the summer and a toilet not safe for a disabled person to use is considered abuse to the disabled.”-Anonymous.

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