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Hidden Brook Housing Apartments photo.

OPINION: New Bedford woman frustrated with poor conditions and treatment at housing complex


“Could you please put this on your page? I live at the Hidden Brook Housing Apartments. I have lived here for a good 6 years.

Not only has the rent gone from $1,750 a month to now $2,095 a month but part of my contract is 24/7 maintenance. I have complained multiple times about my furnace not working and smoking and not producing AC but also the toilet on my first floor is broken and moves when you sit on it.

My father is severely disabled and can only use my bathroom on the first floor. I have called maintenance twice tonight and put in a work order and they still have not come to fix my AC or furnace that is smoking and making horrible noises. I have 7 fans on my second floor going to just cool off the upstairs let alone what I have going on downstairs to keep my disabled father and my 6-year-old child cool.

This is inhuman and a complete break in our legal contracting stating there is 24/7 emergency maintenance and I do believe AC not working in the summer and a toilet not safe for a disabled person to use is considered abuse to the disabled.”-Anonymous.

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  1. My family and I live here too and I totally agree. We had something that needed to be fixed, they tell you in 2 days and it becomes 2 weeks. Last year we could put up canopies in the summer for our families and friends to sit under and enjoy. This year they tell us it’s against the contract. Why was it ok last year? They say they are being more strict now cause canopies look “ tacky “ in a front yard, yet other people can have stuff out like table with chairs and umbrellas, which is also against the contract. Some people get passes and others don’t?!?? This isn’t fair at all.

  2. Call the board of health.
    You’ll get resolution within 24 hours.

  3. Sounds like Fairhaven Village. This place is horribly run. Not only do they not screen people carefully at all, they have washed their hands of helping anyone. They tell you to leave them a message, but they never respond. There are drug dealers and ghetto rats in both buildings. They’ll put on a good front and make things look good when an inspector or someone comes in, but then it goes back to the usual! Plus they’re letting young people move in here, which goes against the intent of this place. And letting families live in the buildings, instead of the family units like they’re supposed to. And they’re protecting some of the people who should be evicted.

    There is so much more I could say, but I don’t think anyone wants to read a novel. This place needs an enema badly. Someone please come and help. Clean house.

  4. This place lets people live in these house with black mold in the ac/heating vents. The downstairs of these places gets ice cold with the AC in the summer while the upstairs stays so hot that 7 fans are needed upstairs and one downstairs to blow the cold air up. They want you to only use the small slab of cement for your patio furniture while others in the vicinity can have their yard full of furniture. The people in the office could care less about the tenants besides getting their rent. People are paying almost $3000 a month to live here. The place should be better maintained.

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