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Photo by Carla Serpa.

New Bedford woman seeks public’s help in finding her biological family with connections to the Azores


“I would like to know if you can post my story. I am looking for my biological family and was hoping you can help share my story.

My birth certificate and all my documents are not from my birth parents. I was born on Azores S. Miguel in an institution they called an old hospital and a female worker there did all my paperwork under her and husband’s name.

Back then it was very easy because 44 years ago when I was born they didn’t have too much medical assistance.

I was not raised by my birth parents. I would very much like to be able to see my real parents, in blood. I have several brothers, I know we are a big family. I would love to see and hug them.

I was not esteemed and I was badly loved. As the old saying goes: “Blood cries.” I really wanted my blood family to know that I am looking for them.

I was born 9-10 – 1976. I suspect that my birth mother lived in the Fort Rodman/beach area in the south end.


Publico aqui no facebook o seguinte:

Não fui criada pelos meus pais biológicos. Gostava muito de poder ver os meus pais verdadeiros, de sangue. Tenho vários irmãos, sei que somos uma família grande.

Gostava muito de os ver e abraçar. Não fui estimada e fui mal amada. Como diz o velho ditado: “O sangue chora.”

Queria muito que a minha família de sangue soube-sse que os procuro. Agradeço e peço a ajuda de quem souber do seu paradeiro, faço o pedido para me contactar.


I thank you and ask for the help of anyone who knows of your whereabouts, Please contact me at 774-328-8952.”-Carla Serpa.

Photo by Carla Serpa.

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