New Bedford woman bitten by pit bull shocked over owner’s callous response

“To the person with the grey pitbull that was walking their dog on Brigham street at 11am Tuesday morning, this is what your dog did to me.

You walked right by my with your dog on the leash and you saw the thing bite me and all you did was pull him off of me and just said ‘Sorry.’ You didn’t even bother to ask if I was OK or if I needed any help or anything.

I was so in shock about what happened that by the time I paid attention to where you went, you were walking up the stairs to a house where I couldn’t see which house it was. A decent person what have stopped and asked if I was OK after their dog bit me, but you just kept on walking.

Well honey, this is what YOUR DOG DID TO ME! So thanks.”-Alicia Mae French.

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