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New Bedford woman arrested after parking in handicap space at Walmart


On Monday, January 28, at about 7:00 p.m. Wareham police officer Jennifer Braley arrested 39-year old Julie Carlson of New Bedford for operating after revocation of driver’s license and misuse of a handicap plate.

The arrest was made following an incident in which the officer observed a vehicle pulling in and parking in a handicap space at Walmart.

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  1. Hi I have respectfully asked you to remove the FALSE charges of me parking illegally in a hamdicap spot with a revoked license. My two-year-old son has cerebral palsy with a valid handicap placard. First if u actually investigate correctly you would know that it is the following day dismissed at Court. I’m a single mom with 5 young children In this has gotten to the degree that my 7 year old daughter is being harassed and severely picked on at school and she is losing friends. I already talked to my lawyer and will take legal action.

  2. Bullying is easy on keyboard, toughguy

  3. you still broke law drove on revoked lic. so either way he wrote the story it would be you breaking the law sorry but i see no reason your child should be bothered by your wrong doing unless you teach your child wrong also one mom to another just saying

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