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New Bedford Mayor Mitchell Unveils New City Ambulances


Photo by Josh Souza.


New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell underscored the significance of modernizing the City’s ambulance fleet at a press conference earlier today and announced that New Bedford has acquired two new, state-of the-art ambulances that will enhance the department’s ability to respond to the public’s emergency needs. The City acquired two new ambulances and adopted a new ambulance replacement plan at no additional cost to taxpayers, ensuring that New Bedford Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responds to emergency calls in reliable vehicles.

“My Administration, with the support of CFO Ari Sky, has been working diligently to find ways to modernize city government and upgrade services and equipment while living within the City’s means. The new ambulances will not only provide public safety professionals with modern, reliable equipment they need to provide optimum service, but their operation will also generate revenue and help offset the purchase price,” said Mayor Jon Mitchell.

The newest ambulances are 2014 Lifeline Ambulances with a Chevy E-450 cab and chassis and V-10 gasoline engines and replace 2002 and 2009 models.

In 2012, when Mayor Mitchell first took office, the average age of the EMS fleet was more than 8 years old. With the acquisition of new ambulances last year and again this year, the frontline fleet now consists of 2013 and 2014 models. With these purchases, the City has been able to enhance service at no additional cost to the taxpayers.

Over the past two years, with more reliable ambulances on the frontline, EMS has seen a 20% increase in revenue which more than offsets the cost of the new vehicles. “This program enabled us to implement a business model that improves service and increases operational readiness in a sustainable manner over the long term,” said CFO Ari Sky.

Photo by Josh Souza.


Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services equipment and vehicles have been identified as top funding priorities for the City of New Bedford in the biennial Capital Needs Assessment in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP is the City’s first long-term plan developed to address the facilities and equipment needs of city government. Mayor Mitchell directed Chief Financial Officer, Ari J. Sky, to develop the Plan and it was first introduced in the fall of 2013 and was updated this year through 2019. The plan was designed to ensure that the highest priority projects, like public safety vehicles, receives public funding in a manner that is in keeping with the City’s ability to pay.

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