New Bedford tenant frustrated with no options to deal with bad landlord

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“Landlords are allowed to just walk into homes now with no call, no warning?

This is the second time in 3 weeks he’s done it. The first time he went through the basement window! An NBPD Officer showed up and said he’d talk to him but can’t make a report because there’s ‘Nothing going on.’ The officer did nothing and wouldn’t even give my wife a report while I was stuck at work.

The owner bought the house and I still have not received a re-occupancy letter from all the lead work that didn’t get done properly.

This (photos and video) is some of the lead work that was done I got moved back in. The old owner sold the house while the city refused to give a reoccupancy letter because things weren’t done still.

And my house almost caught fire last month! Half my house still has no electricity in the outlets. And there’s much much, more than these things. I’ve been here 6 years.

These landlords are out of hand! Any help out there?”-Branden Andrade Sr.

All photos by Branden Andrade Sr.: