New Bedford should change its name from ‘Whaling City’ to ‘No Bail City’

New Bedford judges have been on a “no bail” roll in the past week.

On Friday, Jan. 4, 37-year-old Elizabeth Pina was arrested for seven outstanding warrants. Clearly, she is someone who doesn’t care much about authority or court decisions. She was released by the judge anyway. A few days later, on Jan 8, she was arrested for shoplifting, allegedly stealing $125 worth of items from Rite-Aid Pharmacy on 824 Purchase St. Yet again, she was released by the judge without bail despite a request by the assistant district attorney that she be held on the three open charges. Here’s someone with a long history of failing to show for court, with 18 defaults on her record, released by the judge.

23-year old Adrian Lablue, a homeless man, allegedly broke into four businesses between Dec. 18 and Jan. 5, but was released by the judge. Within hours of being released without bail by Judge Edward Sharkansky, New Bedford police report that the suspect broke into yet another business on Jan. 7.

But wait, it gets better.

On Jan. 2, New Bedford District Court Judge James McGovern found 26-year old Catherine Murphy to be a danger to public safety after her involvement in a violent kidnapping but released her anyway with an ankle bracelet and some conditions (don’t go to Wareham and avoid the victim). She is accused of helping to kidnap, beat and tie up someone for a $180 drug debt in New Bedford. The judge found her to be dangerous and knowing her partner in crime was still at large, released her with an ankle bracelet.

This is just a sample of the ridiculous no bail cases in 2019. New Bedford should change its name from ‘The Whaling City’ to ‘The No Bail City’ – we don’t hunt whales anymore, but we sure do allow criminals to walk free to victimize society over and over.

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