New Bedford senior citizen writes about being bullied by her landlord

Judy is a senior citizen that feels she is being bullied by her landlord. The following was sent to New Bedford Guide:

“I am a senior citizen who is frustrated and upset. The landlord is a friend of a friend so I trusted him. Since I moved in I’ve asked for a renter’s agreement multiple times and he won’t give me one.

He told me that the only thing that he does not do is snow removal. Now he says he weed whacks, doesn’t mow, but the neighbor will. Now, he keeps “forgetting” to weed whack. I messaged to remind him and he called back yelling at me and that it was not his job.

I have a mice infestation and he won’t take care of it. I had a broken screen door that wouldn’t close, and he said it wasn’t his responsibility, even though it was broken when I moved in, so I asked a neighbor to help.

I don’t want to move and can’t – I am a senior citizen that barely make ends meet. I just want him to stop yelling at me when I have to ask him to take care of things that I’ve been waiting for over a year for him to do. I get no rent receipts of the $1250.00 that I pay each month because he “…can’t find the receipt book.” Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.”

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