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“New Bedford Schools lack of supervision in bathrooms, locker rooms allows bullying to exist.”


“Keep this anonymous. What I say is off the record. I do not want my kids getting retaliated against.

The story is about New Bedford Public Schools, specifically Normandin. What no one is talking about is how the majority or children that go there are afraid to use the bathrooms and the locker rooms at gym.

There is no supervision in those places and that is where bullying and hazing take place. Kids have been locked in bathrooms by groups and children have been beaten badly.

The school is a gang hotzone where fights occur daily. The kids that do not involve themselves in that stuff are suffering bc school policies allow these abusers more protections than the abused. It’s sad!

I just recently found out about this from another parent and my kids said ‘Yes, it’s true.”

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  1. I lived in New Bedford very briefly and my daughter was 8 at the time and was cornered in a bathroom by A mother and her daughter who accused my daughter of stealing her slime
    Now I now for a fact that the slime was my daughter’s. But that was the last day my daughters attended the boys n clubs and last day we lived in such a dirty city we moved to Rhode Island that next day in a nice community called Johnston . My suggestion is to move out of New Bedford .

  2. If this did occur, what was done to report it? Did they go to the school? Notify a teacher? Or just tell a parent who will be a hidden keyboard junkie and allow this to “possibly “ happen to another student? Knowing the layout of Normandin, a child cannot be locked in a bathroom. Please do the right thing and make schools aware of possible issues and stop hiding behind keyboards. Apathy can get people hurt and lack of facts is called false reporting!

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