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New Bedford resident fined after stranger leaves garbage in front of her business


“I received a ticket for my business this morning apparently some a*&hole dumped this in front of my business after we closed.

We found a ticket stuck to our door saying we have to pay a fine! I will fight this and go to the news with this! We have never in the 1 year we have been open and in the 6 months prior doing construction ever done such a thing! We are super neat and clean.

We decided to OPEN a second location in the city because we liked the downtown vibe, the people have been great, and we have never had an issue. When we called to explain they said it’s our responsibility if someone dumps sh*t in front of our business, in the other 2 towns I have opened in we have NEVER encountered this absurd rule!

Also, I lease my storefront, it has 3 stories with offices above and other storefronts at street level…the pile was left in between us and another separate storefront not part of our building, so to single us out is a crapshoot.” -Sherri Flynn DeChaine.

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  1. Last year I picked up a car seat from the middle of the street in front of my house and put it on the sidewalk in front of my house on my way to work to come home to find a ticket on my front door. The funny thing is I have to call ABC a
    one to two times a month to have my trash picked up. Does the City of New Bedford do anything to them?
    Hell no! I sometimes think the city is for ABC
    not the tax payers

  2. abc are not the ones who fine people, the city of new Bedford are the people who go around and check people’s trash and write fines, look it up or call the city or abc #factscheck

  3. ABC Disposal are in with the City of N.B., do you think they are gonna punish a big $$ making company no so they go after the little people I think ABC contributed too most of the trash on city streets those new trucks are awful all u see is trash flying outta of the truck when barrels are dumped I worked for ABC n when u dropped trash on the streets u had to stop n clean it up not these guys they do such a shitty job , crooked ass company…

  4. The City of New Bedford under Mitchell’s authority has consistently been the enforcer for the mafia….um I mean government. It is ridiculous that you would enforce rules like these to hard-working people. This same thing has happened to me twice in the south end. Mitchell is just another THUG.

  5. Steven J Medeiros

    The city is all about making money. My legally parked vehicle was hit by a city plow during a snow event as I watched from my window. After asking the driver to call city yard to advise his supervisor, which he did, I told him to go on with his important job of clearing the streets. After filing a claim with the city with an estimate, and not hearing anything for approx. 6 weeks……I had to make several calls to city hall. Getting the runaround, I was told that the city council had to review and approve payment. Now the kicker is……The damage was minor but included a rear lenses cover to be replaced……The scuff marks on the rear quarter, I could live with. While waiting a few more weeks, I decided to get the lense replaced. Paid out of my own pocket……Approx $240. I make another call to city hall and now have to climb the ladder to the top guy. Pretty arrogant but now I have to state my case, the fact that the city gives you about 30 days to pay excise taxes and less time if you get a ticket and they’re jerking me around for a lousy $240. when I should’ve called the police…..Filed a police report……Kept the driver there until police arrived during a snowstorm……Costing the city more $$$. Nice guys finish last. How did it get resolved? I had to threaten to take them to small claims court before they’d ante up. To top things off with this city……I’m still perplexed at how the city can have one of their parking clerks write a ticket to someone with an expired inspection sticker. Not a city violation but a state violation. I can understand a police officer writing it but a parking clerk? Doesn’t seem legit to me. I also remember the trash fines the city was writing to a landlord in the city for trash being on the sidewalk before 5pm. He then took pictures if city hall with the trash on the sidewalk way before 5pm. He may as well have painted a target on his back…….They went after him both barrels.

  6. I literally just reached out to New Bedford guide about the same problem and I am fighting it as well. This isn’t right.

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