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New Bedford police seize two rifles, semi-automatic rifle from garage


According to New Bedford Police, officers took two rifles and a semi-automatic rifle off the streets Thursday after the weapons were seized from a garage in the city.

At about 8 p.m., detectives executed a search warrant on a garage at 13-15 ½ Rodney French Blvd.

Police seized two SKS 7.6×39 rifles and one Bushmaster M17s semi-automatic rifle, along with two 30-round magazines that fit into the Bushmaster model and 21 rounds of .233 caliber ammunition.

The incident remains under investigation. Charges are likely to follow.

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  1. What the heck is a “semi-assault rifle”??? Is that like half a rifle? Maura? Maura?

  2. So much fail. What is a “semi-assault” rifle?

    Since when is an SKS with fixed stock and fixed, non-detachable 10-round internal magazine an assault rifle? There is no “.233” cartridge either.

  3. Not assault rifles. Assault Rifles by definition have full automatic fire capability.

    • Oh my god. 21 rounds. Did they call EOD in to clear the building?

    • SKS doesn’t even have a detachable magazine. It doesn’t even fit the gun grabber definition of an assault weapon.


      p.s. oh yeah, and no pistol grip, no thing that goes up, no telescoping stock, no barrel shroud, no threaded barrel. Not even close.

  4. What’s a semi-assault rifle? I’ve been around firearms all my life and I’ve never heard that term used to describe anything. Also where can I find me some .233 caliber rifle and ammunition.That must be some new caliber that made it to market that no one else in the world knows about or ever heard of… I’ve handled plenty of .223 in my life – but never ever ever seen a .233 chambered rifle or cartridge.

    I think the reporter and editor of this story must be interns from a high school news paper or something.

  5. Wish I had those. Would clean up this fucking city.

  6. Man I feel bad for you guys in the slave states…

  7. My first question is, why would the local PD request a search warrant for legally owned weapons, or, as usual, theres aboatload of detail missing from this story simply to sensationalize?

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