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New Bedford Police Department Records First Nasal Narcan Save


Nasal-Narcan-New-BedfordOn Saturday afternoon at approximately 4pm Officer Jenna Touchette of the downtown station was dispatched to the 100 block of Hillman St. regarding a male overdosing.

Upon arrival with the New Bedford Fire Dept., she was let into a second floor apartment by a female. They observed a 37 year old male resident on the kitchen floor with a syringe near his body. The male was barely breathing and going into convulsions. Officer Touchette assembled her Nasal Narcan Kit and with the assistance of the fire department was able to control the victim.

Fire Lieutenant Peter Clark of Engine Company 1 was able to administer the Narcan into the male’s nostrils and he immediately came out of his overdosing condition. He was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital by ambulance for further evaluation.

The quick actions and joint teamwork between the New Bedford Police and Fire departments, without a doubt, saved this man’s life.

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