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New Bedford Police issue $31,050 in tickets, 194 vehicles towed during winter storm


During New Bedford’s emergency parking ban, the New Bedford Police Department issued 621 parking tickets overnight totaling $31,050 in fines. The police department also reports that 194 vehicles were towed.

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell issued a city-wide parking ban that started at 5 pm on Wednesday. The New Bedford police department issues $50 fines per violation and tows vehicles that disrupt snow plowing operations. The City of New Bedford offers 38 alternate parking locations during parking bans.

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  1. Major surprise and an apparent trap, parking ban at 5 PM so everyone on my street parks on one side as it always has been! Or so we thought we got the surprise of our lives when a ticket happy cop came by put a ticket on all our cars and had tow trucks start towing cars! What I don’t understand is it’s obvious we were obeying the ban and parked on one side, we just weren’t aware that this ban was a full parking ban. The officers could have sounded sirens to get people out there and warn us to move the vehicles and let us know that the ban has changed to a full ban. All part of the plan to collect money lost during this pandemic. Good job, Mayor Mitchell! Now why not make it right and dismiss all the fines on the streets that us residents weren’t aware of the change in the ban. This was wrong, very wrong! Knowing the year we all had and right around the holidays our city officials came up with a perfect scam for money.

  2. Very true money hungry mayor everyone thst got a ticket should protest this ridiculous scam to make money my father disabled got towed 180 for the tow and also a 50 dollar ticket theres 4in of snow…ridiculous..scam moves no need for a full parking ban for 4in of fucking snow alot of ppl are pissed off…

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