New Bedford police involved in car accident after quad runs red light

A New Bedford Police cruiser was involved in an accident with another vehicle on Friday after avoiding a “kid on a quad that blew a red light.” From the driver of the second vehicle involved in the accident:

“A kid on a quad blew a red light coming from Coggeshall Street. Me and the officer where going through the lights on Purchase Street, but we both swerved to miss the quad. We ended hitting each other instead. Me my wife and son are fine, but sore this morning. Both officers got checked out but are okay, but probably more sore then us. They jumped right out to make sure we where good. They where so nice and caring about my son. Just glad the kid on the quad didn’t get hit as he had no helmet, nothing. We where doing 30mph and it would of been a different night. Kid would of been dead or more hurt then just whiplash.”

Video by Carlos Pimentel Felix.

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