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Commission to Review the New Bedford Police Department’s Use of Force policies releases draft recommendations


“It’s been a long road, but one that’s fostered deep and meaningful conversations with leaders and members of the New Bedford community. The Commission now invites you to participate in the next step — a Public Hearing December 2. Please click below to read all the details.” -New Bedford Police Department.

New Bedford Police Department Use of Force Policies

12-01: Use of Deadly Force
12-02: Use of Less Lethal Force
12:03: Electronic Control Weapons

DRAFT Policy Recommendations and General Recommendations
The following documents house DRAFT recommendations the Commission has put together. Through this public meeting, it seeks to listen to public feedback and testimony on these recommendations. These DRAFT recommendations have not been submitted to Mayor Jon Mitchell by the Commission at this point in time.

Related Recommendations, Observations and Concerns – Public DRAFT

Ground Rules for Public Hearing
1. The Commission has conducted its work with the following mandate from Mayor Jon Mitchell: to provide recommendations on the NBPD’s Use of Force policies.
2. The hearing will be conducted in the traditional manner of a public hearing with the intent of gathering input, feedback and comments, and to receive testimonies and recommendations from the public regarding the Use of Force policies.
3. The public hearing is not intended to be a forum to engage in debate nor address issues not directly relevant to the policies.
4. Inquiries relevant to the subject matter of the hearing that are presented to the Commission during the hearing may not be responded to during the hearing, but efforts will be made to respond at a later date.
5. The Commission is eager to hear recommendations on revisions to the Use of Force policies.
6. Each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes.
7. Before speaking, please identify yourself clearly and include your name in your Zoom account video.
8. We ask that all speakers be considerate of varying points of few and not interrupt each other and commit to courtesy.

In June, Mayor Jon Mitchell Mayor Jon Mitchell appointed members of the Commission on Police Use of Force Policies after signing the Obama Foundation’s “Mayor’s Pledge,” which included the formation of the commission to review the
police department’s policies on the use of force. In the months since then, the Commission has met weekly to review the policies and concerns relating to the social climate in New Bedford and across the country. We encourage you to continue sharing your feedback here: Feedback on NBPD Use of Force Policies and Recommendations.

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