New Bedford Police Department photo.

New Bedford Police Department begins its Coin Challenge this weekend


“The New Bedford Police Department has partnered with “McDonald’s” and is announcing its first-ever “Coin Challenge” which will begin this Memorial Day weekend and continue throughout the Summer.

A challenge coin is a small metal coin or medallion bearing an organization’s emblem. It is given as a token of recognition or belonging and is often carried by members as a symbol of camaraderie. They originated in the military and are now used in various groups to honor achievements and strengthen unity. The New Bedford Police Department “Challenge Coin” (picture attached) is unique to our department.

One of our challenge coins will be hidden somewhere in the city of New Bedford. A clue will be posted on our Facebook page on Saturday morning at 9 AM. This clue will lead to either the coin itself, or another clue.

Once the coin is located, the winner will be able to keep it. The winner will also be given a gift card for McDonald’s and be eligible to win either a ride-along with a New Bedford police officer, a training session at the firing range, or a police escort.

Stay tuned in to our social media pages for clues and additional information.”

New Bedford Police Department photo.

New Bedford Police Department photo.

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