New Bedford Police respond to Blue Meadows Apartments shooting, at least one injured

Late Thursday night, the New Bedford Police Department received reports of shots fired at the Blue Meadows Apartments on Dartmouth Street across from Stop and Shop. In addition, they received a report that a person came into St. Luke’s Hospital who had sustained at least one gunshot wound.

It is currently unclear if the person drove themselves to the hospital or they were brought their by a friend or family member.

At the scene of the shooting at the Blue Meadows Apartments police encountered a vehicle “riddled” with bullets and another car with a bullt hole. NBPD had the car riddled with bullets to police headquarters and impounded as evidence.

The street had at least 6-7 evidence cones, most of which were bullet casings.

“It’s a drug fest down there. It’s not worth living in that area.” said Jamie Smith. Echoing a common complaint for those who live in the apartments and nearby,

All photos by Carlos Pimental Felix :

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