New Bedford Police Department arrests man in connection to County Street shooting

“The New Bedford Police Department has arrested a man connected to a shooting on County Street that occurred on July 25.

On August 1, detectives responded to 116 Pleasant Street to speak with Geovante Baez, 20, of Stoughton, who had a warrant out of the Department of Youth Services. Upon arrival, Baez fled the area on foot and got into a motor vehicle. While police pursued the vehicle, Baez leaped out of the vehicle, ran south on Acushnet Avenue near Monte’s Park, and then entered into another vehicle.

Detectives stopped the vehicle at Walnut Street and Rt. 18 South where they arrested Baez.

He was charged with a warrant arrest, attempting to commit assault and battery by discharge, firing a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, malicious damage to a motor vehicle, and 3 counts of carrying a loaded firearm without a license.” -New Bedford Police Department.

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