UPDATE: New Bedford Police arrest 43-year old serial robber

UPDATE: An earlier article incorrectly identified the suspect as a 57-year old man. The suspect is a 43-year old man.

New Bedford police detectives have arrested an Acushnet man for a series of armed robberies.

On October 8, Major Crime detectives concluded an investigation into five armed robberies committed this year in the city by taking CHRISTOPHER DAPONTE, 43, of 57 Bernard St., Acushnet, into custody.

All of the robberies were committed by a suspect of identical physical characteristics, clothing, and methods of operation. On each occasion, a firearm was aimed at employees and cash was demanded by the masked suspect who then fled the scene. The robberies were committed:

• April 23, at Walgreen’s pharmacy located at 2170 Acushnet Ave.
• April 29, at St. Anne’s Credit Union located at 3087 Acushnet Ave.
• May 12, at St. Anne’s Credit Union located at 3087 Acushnet Ave.
• September 24, at Mechanic’s cooperative bank 1238 Kempton St.
• October 5, at Mechanic’s cooperative bank 1238 Kempton St.

A search of DAPONTE’s residence led the detectives to discover clothing and a pellet gun used during the crimes. He was also found to be in possession of a small amount of fentanyl at the time of his arrest. DAPONTE has been charged with multiple offenses including armed robbery while masked, confining, or putting someone in fear to steal, and drug possession.

The arresting officer was Det. Jordan Ferreira.

New Bedford police officers have continuously demonstrated their commitment to seeing investigations through and bringing dangerous offenders into custody. If you have any information on criminal activity, the New Bedford Police Dept. wants to hear from you. You can leave an anonymous tip on our voicemail at (508) 991-6300 Ext. 1.

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