New Bedford narcotics unit arrest 6 in north end drug sweep

At 2:08 pm on Thursday, New Bedford Narcotics detectives were in the North End enforcing street-level narcotics sales when they observed 35-year-old Jacqueline Morris engage in activity consistent with drug purchasing/distribution in the area of 228 Brook Street. A search of the suspect resulted in two suboxone strips and a small amount of crack-cocaine. She is being charged with drug possession, conspiracy to violate drug laws and was wanted for a warrant.

28-year old Edwin Jorge of 164 Holly Street in New Bedford was observed by police selling to Jacqueline Morris and was arrested for distribution of a class B drug and conspiracy to violate drug laws. Police seized six unknown tabs and $775.

At 3:18 pm, New Bedford police narcotics officers were enforcing street-level narcotics sales in the North End when they pulled over a Black Nissan with three men in the area of 40 Holly Street. All three are being charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws:

– 22-year old Matthew Silva of New Bedford with possession of over 3 grams of cocaine
– 24-year old Antonio Lugo of New Bedford with possession of over 3 grams of cocaine, over 2 grams of marijuana and $622.
– 18-year old Louis Ferreira of New Bedford with possession of over 3 grams of cocaine and unlicensed operation

At 5:02 pm, New Bedford narcotics officers executed a search warrant for a cocaine distribution service out of 239 Sawyer Street in New Bedford. The search warrant yielded over 600 grams of marijuana, over 17 grams of crack cocaine, and $1,900.

37-year old Luis Mendez is being charged with three charges of drug possession, one charge of drug possession (second offense) and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

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