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New Bedford mom fed up with impatient drivers at crosswalks


Today it seems there are two types of bad drivers that we will surely run into on a daily basis: the distracted driver on their cell phone and the angry, impatient ticking time bomb that will eventually road rage.

Getting caught behind a school bus or entering a school zone where there are crosswalks or crossing guards is just a fact of daily life. It’s best to accept this fact of life and learn to be patient about it. Taking your anger out on someone because they are crossing the road is immature and childish. At most, waiting for someone to cross the road will take a few seconds away from where you are going and every single one of us will eventually be that person trying to cross the road.

One mom shares her recent experience:

“Seems some people need to be reminded about the law for stopping for pedestrians in a crosswalk.

After dropping off my daughter at school today (an elementary school at that), some guy gets upset because he has to wait a few extra seconds at a stop sign while I walk across the street in a clearly marked crosswalk. Crosswalks that are not at lights the pedestrian has the right of way, and since there were even two stop signs on the two one way streets, this should not have even been an issue.

I worry about if there wasn’t a stop sign there.” -Cheryl P.


Have you run into an impatient driver when crossing the road? Did they honk, make obscene hand gestures, or yell something at you? Share your experience below.

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