New Bedford mom seeks public’s help finding daughter’s sentimental “teddy giraffe,” Maria

“So… it’s sad to say my daughter misplaced her favorite stuffed animal giraffe ‘Maria.’ She was named after my grandmother who passed away. I gave my grandmother the stuffy as a ‘get well soon’ gift from the hospital gift shop when she was not doing well. So when she passed away I gave the stuffy to my daughter Jay and told her to treasure it forever because it means a lot to mommy.

She last had it on 11/9/22 when she went to Seabra Supermarket and Price Rite both in the south end of New Bedford.

I know it’s just a stuffed animal but it had so much meaning to me…and yes I’m sad over a stuffy. In the last 5 years ‘Maria’ has been everywhere with us from Boston to Connecticut to New York to New Jersey and etc.

I’ve searched her school, daycare, my house, and my mom’s house and ‘Maria’ is nowhere to be found. My daughter is so sad that she made a flyer to help find her ‘Maria.’ I feel so bad/sad and buying another is not an option because that’s not the one I gave my grandmother. I just don’t know what to do.

Broken-hearted daughter and mom. 🥹😭😭😭
shayrosa7786@gmail.com”-Shayna Lee.

All photos by Shayna Lee:

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