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New Bedford man with at least 87 adult arraignments, 53 convictions arrested again


52-year old Mark Salazar was arrested again for at least the 87th time at the notorious drug den known as 358 North Front St. Apt. 1N. This time he was arrested on July 25th, 2017, along with nine other people for trafficking in cocaine and, of course, he had an outstanding warrant. Last night, police raided 358 North Front St. Apt. 1N for the third time in six weeks and arrested another five people on cocaine trafficking charges. The landlord in Duxbury, MA should be proud.

I say “at least the 87th time Salazar has been arrested and arraigned,” because it’s hard to keep track of him. In March of this year, he was arraigned for his 86th time for unlawfully carrying a gun with bullets and selling cocaine. Oh, and he was on bail at the time for heroin possession. Of course, some judge thought, “hey, this time he’ll change” and we are back to his 87th arrest for cocaine charges. Who knows, he may have had arrests in between March and July and released back into the public by a judge that I didn’t hear about, but I digress.

Salazar is not an uncommon case, you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds of people just in the South Coast area with high arrest and conviction records. And you’ll likely find them breaking the law while on bail for some related charges. This is a spit in the face to the police that put their lives on the line arresting these criminals and a danger to our residents. How many people has Mark Salazar gotten addicted to drugs?

Our judges, legislators and to some extent district attorneys, own Mark Salazar’s arrest and conviction record (and all those like him) and should bear the responsibility for his future crimes. One would think it’s impossible to be convicted 53 times and only be 52-years old, but Salazar is proof of that. The judges that continue to release him back on the street to sell drugs to our residents should be ashamed and removed from the bench. Any district attorneys that continue to plea bargain should be immediately fired. Our legislators that allow people like Mark Salazar to walk the streets should be voted out of office. Enough is enough.

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