New Bedford man has been stuck in the Dominican Republic since St. Patrick’s Day

“Can someone help my son’s friend?

He has been stuck in Punta Cana since the day after St. Patrick’s Day. He made the mistake of wandering off the resort. His video will explain everything

They will not give him his passport back until he pays more and more money and they have drained him of over $8,000. Can someone do anything or contact anyone? You can contact him directly through his Facebook here.”-Anonymous.

“He’s from New Bedford and grew up there. He needs helps desperately, he can’t make any calls as there is no service. Something needs to done fast before it’s too late!”-Rusty Tavares.

“Imagine going on vacation for what was supposed to be 5 days and then turns into 7 days in jail? And then proving your innocence and then you can’t leave the country because they won’t give you your passport back…”-Jason Perry.

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