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New Bedford man fed up with Gov. Baker’s treatment of working middle class Americans


“I think it’s time we start asking Mr. Baker what the dept of unemployment is doing with the working people’s money.

Why is it taking so long for funds to be sent to us working-class Americans? Why am I waiting 2 months for unemployment? Why after 5 weeks has an adjuster finally been assigned to me, the working-class American?

What the heck are they doing?

Listen I get it. There’s a lot of people in the same situation. I know people that have been waiting 3 months with no income that worked for years upon years and never got laid off. What the hell is going on?

Mr. Baker instead of worrying about small businesses bending the rules to try to survive I think you need to open your eyes to what the DUA is doing to the working-class Americans that reside in the state of Massachusetts. They’re dragging their feet with our benefits and we are getting tired of it.

My claim was still open from last year when COVID hit and my company didn’t know how to handle it. Since then I worked 10 months and was laid off again due to towns not giving my company permits to do the work on the roads. What the hell is going?

I speak for myself but I’m started to get really pissed off on how Massachusetts and our elected officials are handing this whole COVID thing. It’s not like it’s a new thing! It’s been a year.”-Jay Siggy.

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