New Bedford man arrested for trafficking Fentanyl after police raid his home for 3rd time this year


NEW BEDFORD – New Bedford narcotics detectives have arrested a repeat offender for trafficking in Fentanyl.
On Monday, September 4th, detectives concluded their investigation into a fentanyl distribution operation being run out of 101 Coffin St., apartment #1.

The target of the investigation was Mr. MANNY CARDONA MOLINA, 22.

At around 11 AM, detectives breached the door to the apartment and MOLINA was observed jumping out of a window. He was then stopped and secured by detectives who were watching the perimeter. During the search, a baby formula container was located which contained over 112 grams of fentanyl and a cutting agent. Additionally, 2 cellular phones, cut-corner baggies, and a digital scale were found.

MOLINA was arrested in December of last year for trafficking in over 190 grams of fentanyl following a raid on Phillips Ave. He was also arrested in March of this year following a raid on S. Second St. This arrest marks the third time in less than a year that MOLINA has been the target of a drug raid by narcotics detectives. At the time of his arrest, MOLINA was on a GPS anklet and under home confinement.

“It frustrates me to see how much of our limited resources we continue to spend on the same individuals time and time again. Here is a person who has been raided by our narcotics detectives three times in less than the span of one year. When those who deal in illicit poison are not held in the jails that we put them in, it not only compromises public safety but also diminishes the motivation of our law enforcement officers who should ideally be inspired to serve..”

-Chief Paul Oliveira

September is “National Recovery Month”. In 2022, overdose deaths in America hit a new high of nearly 110 thousand, many of which were the result of fentanyl (Mann, 2023). The New Bedford Police Department re-affirms its commitment to taking the dealers off the streets and encouraging those who struggle with addiction in their recovery.

The investigating officer was Detective Drew Frenette.

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