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New Bedford resident has issues with angry people at “invisible” stop sign at 3-way intersection of Rivet St. and S. Front st


In today’s rat race, it’s easy to lose our perspective, on what the important things are in life. The hustle and bustle, the competing with the Joneses, the “Push, push, push!” of today’s society has made people stressed, angry, even downright belligerent. It’s not uncommon to hear about or witness people with road rage, perhaps we’ve been the road rager ourselves.

In light of COVID-19 with many people worried about their jobs, paying bills, making ends meet, and unsure about what tomorrow will hold, perhaps the new normal is being on edge. Some people have passed quarantine fatigue and gone straight to quarantine rage.

One New Bedford resident shares her story about how people are regularly angry at her – one person was even going to get out of their car and do who knows what to her – all because she didn’t stop at an “invisible” stop sign. We all make mistakes, we are all subject to a momentary distraction, we’re all human – perhaps we should start showing each other a little more patience, tolerance, and compassion.

Are there any other intersections that could use a stop sign, or have a stop sign (or red light) but seem to always have issues among drivers? Comment below or inbox us at info@newbedfordguide.com.


“Since the reconstruction of RT 18, my family has had a lot of issues with other drivers at the 3-way intersection of Rivet St. and S. Front St.

Coming east on Rivet St.to turn onto S. Front St. there is no stop sign anymore. People continuously beep and yell at me because I don’t stop. The other day one man almost got out of his car to scream at me but I sped away.

It took me a while to realize there wasn’t a stop sign there and why there couldn’t be, so I’m assuming people either don’t realize there isn’t one or are just assuming there’s one.

There are enough hate and tension in this world – let’s try to help remind people we don’t need to get so angry over such small things.”-Sara Laurianno.

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  1. It is a MA driving law that you stop at T intersections regardless of a sign or traffic light.

  2. kind of moron uses covid as an excuse not to stop at an intersection where you clearly need to stop to make a safe turn. if this woman truly doesn’t believe that she needs to stop here because there’s no stop sign her license needs to be taken away, along with anyone else you just drive so carelessly like that.

  3. The reality is that the people in charge of Traffic Control must have noticed the error in a section where not as much traffic flows out of Rivet St. to cross and enter the opposite marginal street. One of the signs is not visible since is placed far behind and the building structure hides it. Producing the case that the one that transits crossing toward the opposite marginal street is not seeing that there is another one making the stop.The driver coming from Rivet St.understands that there is no Stop sign and does not have to stop, but is because he cannot SEE the driver who is already doing the Stop.
    The Traffic Control Offices should have a little common sense since they are causing accident that can be avoided.

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