New Bedford has talent: “3 God” Poem by Kalie Brum

Taking some time to sit and reflect on myself
For me when it comes to my healing I have to pull every problem off the shelves
Then I’m faced with many problems from not only from this lifetime but many other lifetimes
And for myself, the first step is facing it, acknowledging it happened, learning from it, then breaking it down in a rhyme

But then learning it let go
Because if I don’t in the future there will be no room for me to grow
I have to much love to give
And all this time I’ve been running from the one I truly love
We both deserve in peace to live

We have so much to offer and teach from our pain we found in love and the love we found in pain
She taught me to see the true beauty in life even when I was blind and couldn’t see the beauty for what it was she stood there
Even when I couldn’t hear the loving, caring, calling whispers of the world and the universe she helped me to hear
She is my Goddess I am her God and now I’m here

I will stand tall by her side
There’s no more room left in this universe for her or me to hide
We’re here to make a change for the better of all
This time we as one will not collapse or fall

Because we are united through mind body and soul
We are complete we are whole

-3 God- Kalie Brum

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