City of New Bedford photo.

New Bedford hands out awards to City employees for service, those “who went above and beyond”


“We held the City’s annual Longevity Service Award Ceremony on Friday at Buttonwood Park Zoo.

City employees were presented with pins for reaching various years of service, and employees who went above and beyond were honored with New Bedford Way awards.

Here are a couple of pictures from the event today, Check back next week for more from the ceremony, including the New Bedford Way award winners.”-City of New Bedford.

All photos by the City of New Bedford:

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  1. Wow. The School department frowns upon those who go above and beyond. I’ve seen it and experienced it. As a matter of fact the school department puts the worst person in top positions. Like Facilities. This is called, freedom of speech

  2. The only award New Bedford Public schools would receive is, most employees to resign or retire. Why is the information of those resigning or terminated not available on an agenda which should be available to the public, it used to be. Plus, New Bedford residents should be aware of negligence that our tax dollars are being spent on.

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