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New Bedford Guide’s Top 10 Stories of the Week – 3rd Edition


Photo by Stephanie Lamas
Photo by Stephanie Lamas

Here are New Bedford Guide’s top stories this week from our website or Facebook page. Click on the bold title to read the original story.

  1. Deceased Newborn Baby Found in New Bedford – Around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 11th, 2014, a deceased baby was found near 1065 County Street. Police are investigating the situation and are looking for the mother. Baby Safe Haven information was published that should be spread around the internet to help prevent future tragedies like this.
  2. NBHS teacher Joanne Maura Notified that She Was Under Investigation – In a move that had most people scratching their head, New Bedford High School leadership sent Joanne Maura, the teacher that had a chair thrown at her, a letter informing her that show could be terminated for not fully reporting the incident or in a timely manner. Letter can be read here. Last week the student that threw the chair was expelled. Video can be seen here.
  3. New Bedford City Councilor Brian Gomes Supports NBHS Teacher Joanne Maura – New Bedford City Councilor Brian Gomes has placed a motion on tonight’s City Council, “Requesting that the City Council go on record in opposition to any type of disciplinary action taken against New Bedford High School teacher Ms. Joanne Maura.” He also requested Mayor Mitchell intervene and halt any disciplinary actions.
  4. 12-year-old Normandin Student Choked and Jaw Broken in School – A 12-year old was choked out and fell to the floor resulting in a broken jaw and other injuries. It appears to be a possible case of bullying.
  5. New Bedford City Council Votes To Support NBHS Teacher Joanne Maura – 10 of the 11 City Councilors co-sponsored the motion to go on record in opposition to any type of disciplinary action taken against New Bedford High School teacher Ms. Joanne Maura. Councilor Dana Rebeiro was the only councilor to not co-sponsor the motion, but she did vote yes on the motion. Councilor Rebeiro explained her position our Facebook, “I support our teachers and the kid was expelled. You can not expel him from our streets. The real work is changing that kid before he becomes an adult that continues to make wrong decisions. I have volunteered with at risk youth and will continue to do so.” Full Facebook discussion here.
  6. New Bedford Fires – There were several fires in New Bedford. There was a major north end building fire and a vehicle fire cause on between Holly and Tallman Street.
  7. Two Arrested in New Bedford on Firearm Charges – Two people were arrested on gun charges in New Bedford. One male was arrested and charged with being a “career criminal” and his third gun charge.
  8. School Bus Drivers to Carry Students to and From Bus – New Bedford bus drivers almost formed a million man march when they found out the superintendent of schools required them to carry students to and from their house. Then the smell of Rotten Scallops began to overwhelm their senses and they called it off.
  9. New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge Opens After Being Closes for Two Weeks – After two weeks of commuting pain residents rejoiced to hear that the bridge would re-open on schedule on Saturday at 6 p.m.
  10. DNRT makes changes to accommodate visitors to popular Daffodil Field – Due to a major increase in visitors and some inconsiderate visitors, DNRT made some changes to their popular daffodil field. There will now be a fee, a wider walking area and some new rules to follow.

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