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New Bedford Guide dropping daily crime coverage


Statistically crime is down 10% in New Bedford for each of the past two years, but if you follow social media you would think the opposite is true. At New Bedford Guide, we report the daily crime that occurs in New Bedford and these posts go viral more than most stories on social media. While 95% of our posts are not crime related, the 5% that are crime related account for a lot of our website traffic. Because these negative stories go viral there is a misconception that New Bedford Guide mostly posts negative news. 

At New Bedford Guide we are looking to significantly change how we do business by only reporting the significant regional crime stories and stop posting the less significant, daily ones. Basically, we will be posting a few significant crime posts per months instead of 30-40 that we’ve done in the past. We feel that this will significantly boost the positive perception of New Bedford and make New Bedford a better place to do business which will help the local economy. As we all know, a better economy reduces crime. 

Our goal from this day forward is to show the best of New Bedford, not the worst. We hope you will support us in this effort. 

Michael Silvia
Founder, New Bedford Guide

About Michael Silvia

Served 20 years in the United States Air Force. Owner of New Bedford Guide.

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  1. Not going to report crime ? LOL so keep our heads in the sand . Now New Bedford Guide is part of the problem . NB Guide is a SELLOUT ! How much HUSH money did you get from the Mayors office ?

    • Couldnt agree more the economy here in Nb relies on its locals …and when Nb guide no longer informs locals then they too only have interest in faking a safe atmosphere to outside revenue. Just take a look at the bus station downtown ……why doesnt Nb guide show pictures of the backside of the Mayors building ….just because the homeless and recently bussed in addicted thrive there?

  2. Summertime is coming all news outlets do not report crime to the taxpayers of crap city New Bedford

  3. Wise decision. Glad you are doing this. We don’t need more negativity. Crime happens everywhere and there is no need to glorify it in a city trying to rebuild.

  4. Who bought u out the mayors office? So what ur saying is if we dont report the daily crime that does happen in this city it will all go away. Just paint a pretty little picture of new bedford talk about the new downtown businesses that r opening but dont report the reality that this city is full of crime and drug abise!!!! So instead of keeping nb citizens informed of whats really going on in there neighborhoods u will choose to just feed us what the mayors office wants people to c…they r more worried about tourism than there own citizens!!! Hide the crime from the tourists so they can come here and get mugged while they r downtown!!! Ilove this city but please do not deny or try to hide the unfortunate problems that this city has…because thats what ur doing!!

  5. A Guide is typically used to showcase the points of interest of a destination. I think this is a good move if that is the direction the Guide would like to take. If the residents like having the crime reported on a fb page, then someone should create one for that purpose. I look forward to seeing the transformation in my feed.

  6. This city sucks because of the crime AND the drug addicts that litter this city..it was never this bad so i dont know how the mayor thinks the city is safe. !! Maybe he needs to walk no. front st at night by himself .Then he will see how safe this city is.Let him walk anywhere in the city at night and i guarantee he’ll change his tune. !! IDIOTS !!!

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