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“New Bedford needs a flashing crosswalk sign on E. Rodney French Blvd. before someone gets hurt.”


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“It’s that time of year again where people park along East Rodney French to go to Cisco Brewers. As a person who lives in the immediate neighborhood, I enjoy walking along the water with my toddler in her carriage. Being that there is no official crosswalk at the end of Apponagansette St, I usually walk to the end of Butler St and “attempt” to cross East Rodney French there.

We all know that the point has always been a cruising route and has an uptick in traffic during the summer months even without the more recent congestion due to Cisco. I noticed driving by today that people are already parking on top of the crosswalk at the end of Butler Street making in nearly impossible to safely cross.

Google Maps photo.

Last year there were lines painted to give ten feet or so on either side of the crosswalk and a construction barrel was placed in the middle of the crosswalk at an attempt to slow people down. I found it to be a futile effort if I’m being honest. I would sometimes watch as 10+ cars go by and stare at me waiting to cross with my stroller in tow.

I’m sure that Cisco has brought in revenue to the city and I think it’s a nice addition to the South End. I feel that the crosswalks at least along Cisco Brewers should have a flashing crosswalk sign in order to keep everyone safe and hopefully prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening.”-Ashley Hobbs.

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