New Bedford firefighter tests positive for COVID-19, more than a dozen firefighters quarantined

The New Bedford Mayor’s office confirmed that one New Bedford firefighter has tested positive for COVID-19 and over a dozen firefighters have been quarantined.

New Bedford Guide received the following tip:

“A firefighter has been traveling out of state on vacations and did not quarantine on return. Returned to work and then tested positive exposing more than half the firefighters working. They were all sent home from different stations today.”

Jonathan Carvalho, the Deputy Chief of Staff & Public Information Officer for the City of New Bedford confirmed that one firefighter so far has tested positive for COVID-19 and the firefighter was in contact with several four-firefighter crews during training. As a precaution, over a dozen firefighters have been quarantined until they test negative. Carvalho also stated that the firefighters were transitioning to a five-day off period and would only return if they test negative.

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