New Bedford Fire Department awarded SAFE and Senior SAFE grants

“The New Bedford Fire Department is pleased to announce we have been awarded a Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) and Senior SAFE Grant along with a FY21 Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant from the MA Department of Fire Services.

The SAFE grant award is for $11,380 and enables the SAFE Program to continue to offer educational programs to the elementary school children throughout the City. The Senior SAFE program was awarded $3,219 and supports the SAFE Program’s efforts to provide fire safety education to senior citizens throughout the City.

The Department received a $25,000 grant to purchase two structural firefighting gear dryers and decontamination equipment to assist in decontaminating our turnout gear following a structure fire or hazardous materials incident. The Department will also be investing in a new firefighter accountability system that enhances the incident commanders’ ability to track members on the fireground.

Also funded through this grant are a new airbag lifting system for Ladder Company 1 and emergency plug kits to be used for stopping fuel leaks from motor vehicles, trucks, or watercraft.”

New Bedford Fire Department photo.

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