New Bedford EMS, Fire Department respond to woman in labor in the North End, deliver baby

“To EMT Josh Hathaway, EMT Paramedic Intern Peyton Bunker, Paramedic Jason Stone, Medic Supervisor Ralph Isherwood, New Bedford Fire Department Engine 1: Recently, You responded to the city’s north end for a report of a female in labor. On your arrival, you were presented with not just a female in labor but a female who was presenting with an imminent birth.

Using your EMS education and experience you quickly determined it would be unsafe to move the patient to the ambulance and began to prepare to assist the mom in the delivery of her baby right there on the scene.

After several anxious moments, your expertise and compassion helped safely deliver a beautiful baby girl into the world. Mom and baby were transported to St. Luke’s Hospital and are reportedly both doing well.

Thank you to our public safety partners from New Bedford Fire Department Engine 1 for your support and assistance with providing patient care. Thank you for all your professionalism and dedication to providing excellent prehospital patient care to our cities residents.

New Bedford EMS is the Primary Prehospital Emergency Medical Service provider for the residents and visitors of the City of New Bedford employing nearly fifty full-time and part-time experienced EMT and Paramedics who respond to nearly twenty thousand emergency responses per year working with our public safety partners from New Bedford Fire Department and New Bedford Police Department.” -New Bedford EMS.

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