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“New Bedford dogs owners: Don’t get mad when I pepper spray your dog! Put them on a leash!!!”


“Just a quick PSA for the people of the south end. These 2 dogs right here are my everything! Whenever I leave the house they are always on a leash! I have never “lost” them or had them run off.

In the past 6 months they have gone from friendly dogs to scared, nervous and aggressive outside. Why? Because we are constantly getting run up on by loose dogs!

So if you walk your dog on Valentine Street, Willard St, Woodlawn St., and all the other streets…put your dogs on a leash!!

Just because you think ‘Fluffy’ is good out in the front the house for 2 mins or ‘Fido’ will sit on the porch because you’re talking to your friend and not paying attention…think again! I am NO longer traumatizing my dogs and forcing their faces away so the loose dogs don’t get bit.

I’m NOT gonna run down the street with my dogs while you try to catch your dog. I AM DONE! So if you wanna trust Fido or let Fluffy out off leash then don’t expect me to pay your vet bills!! Don’t get mad when I pepper spray your dog! Put a leash on them and stop being lazy!” -Katie Martins.

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Served 20 years in the United States Air Force. Owner of New Bedford Guide.

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  1. I’m with you! Just got two 3oz containers of mace. Tired of going to public places and having dogs running around loose and coming at me and my dog aggressively. It’s not the dogs fault but the ignorant owners who think the park is their own backyard and they can do what they want. Well now I’m ready and can blast them from 12-15 feet away. Can’t wait to teach these idiots a lesson. And if the owner comes at me they will get sprayed in the face also. Try me! I’m trigger happy! So if you go to Pope Park, Sawmill, Brooklawn or any other place besides your own yard you’ve been warned!

    • Sad that there are ignorant dog owners.. my Pit is 16 and has been bit and attacked more times than I can count. I now carry mace and if it doesn’t work next is the taser, hopefully I NEVER need to use the 3rd defense because there will be no coming back from that. My dog has never bit anyone or anything and definitely does not deserve to be attacked or have to turn and run away because needless to say at 16 his running is more of a quick walk and NOT fair to him or me.. if you can’t afford a leash get a rope or old clothes line, I don’t care what you use just use something please as it’s not fair to the dogs in the first place. Sad that we walk mostly at night when everyone is in the house and streets are safer to walk, but definitely need smarter dog owners in this city.. leash law isn’t for my protection! It’s to protect your dog from a dog owner that considers his dog a son and part of my immediate family.. F*** around and find out!!

  2. I agree 1000% my dog has been bit and attacked plenty of times and he is going on 16 yrs old and shouldn’t be afraid of going on walks but everyday we have to turn and run hoping the other dog didn’t see us and start chasing us, because my dog will NOT fight back or be attacked anymore.. the leash law isn’t for my dogs safety as my dog has NEVER been walked without a leash & 1st chance of an attack will be mace, if dog won’t retreat it will be tased and if all else fails the 2nd amendment is there for my protection and that of my family and I consider my dog Family (my son). Be thankful I use mace first then taser, lastly my 380. So if you love your dog as much as I do mine then spend the money on a leash when outside walking or a fenced in yard when loose at home and most of all train your dog to be non-aggressive cuz if my dog gets bit again then I don’t care what happens to your dog… sorry. I’m apologizing in advance for your stupidity

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