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New Bedford woman disgusted by yard being used as a dumpster by nightmare neighbor


Part of living in a city is the close proximity of neighbors whether above or below you in a tenement or “next door.” In either case, you have likely encountered a nightmare neighbor or ten. The range of nightmare neighbors can be anything from being noisy in the wee hours, competing for parking spots, or even dealing drugs.

What is the worst one you’ve ever had to deal with? One resident is disgusted by her trashy neighbor who apparently thinks the yard is the city dump.


“This landlord threw the trash left by a tenant out the window of the 2nd-floor apartment.

When I asked “Why?” he said he couldn’t afford a dumpster. So you throw it out a window in the yard for your neighbors to look at? Not to mention the broken glass and trash is going to draw rodents.

I called the City and they cited him and also are trying to help him find someone to clean it up. They helped him clean up a good portion of this, but now there is garbage all over his yard which keeps blowing around to my yard.

The City was very proactive in getting this cleaned up: I called Thursday morning and they came by the house in a 1/2 hour and called me back stating they were going to take action. The city really stepped up to get this mess cleaned up. But what was the mindset of this individual?! Meanwhile, this is my view from my kitchen every day!

These are the “people in my neighborhood”! I wonder how long before it is cleaned up? This is a health hazard to our community and the landlord should be made to pay a fine!” -Debra.

UPDATE: “This is how it looks today! Not sure what is going to be done with the broken glass and trash. Such a mess!”

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  1. If you are collecting rent you can afford a dumpster. It comes with the responsibility of owning a home. He should be fined for everyday he doesn’t have it cleaned up. It’s the city’s responsibility to hold people accountable and not let them turn into slum lords.

    • The tenant was probably evicted which means he wasn’t collecting rent and with the way my city works he was probably 9 months with out rent by the time he finally the sheriff’s to actually evict the tenant and was just frustrated. Not saying this is right to do that he should have cleared it up that day but don’t think just because someone is a landlord they are making a lot of money. Most landlords doing low income housing barely make anything

  2. Humans are such a waste of space and air…earth should stop for a.split second and.load them off like fleas

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Send me address of neighbors , I will see if I can provide a solution

    Best Regards,
    Melanie Santos
    774 855 9882

  4. I do clean up for a living..i live in the West end of new Bedford but work all over Massachusetts..a Dumpster is around $500; the trash I see pictured would be about $100 -200 if I loaded it in my box truck to take to the dump
    This SLUMLORD should Pay the dump fee and get that rats nest picked up on their own like an adult …or suffer the consequences of being fined from the city . either way it will cost the landlord .

  5. (Seriously never going to be a landlord)

    Each situation is different.
    It’s not the landlord or owner of building’s fault if this low life person is just throwing trash out the window.
    Who does that?
    Anyway this person who throws trash out and or let’s there dogs poo and not clean it up. It’s their responsibility.
    I feel as a concerned citizen the individual who is doing the crime should pay the fine.
    It’s not the landlords fault if the idiot is so unethical or immoral for using what is clearly a good size yard for New Bedford as their own trash/dump ground. I don’t know who did this but they need to be locked up for littering and be forced to clean it up themselves not force others to clean up after them.
    Who the hell does this person think they are!!!
    If you don’t like living in an apartment then get out but don’t trash the place. You only make life living worse for yourself and anyone who sees this is affected by such garbage and Karma will come for you to.

    No need of this in any city!
    I really can’t believe how pathetic and untrusting people can be.
    I know if I was a landlord I couldn’t rent to anyone that I couldn’t trust to be cleaning up after themselves.
    I wouldn’t want to have to be forced to clean up some lowlifes trash just because they say they can’t afford to put trash in a barrel every week. Seriously it’s not like it’s a Baby doing this.
    It’s a grown-up forcing others to clean up after it.
    If I was the landlord I’d have cameras showing a non corrupt judge what that tenant was doing so they could be forced to clean it up themselves. But, That also takes money away from landlords from having cheaper apartments. Ever hear the expression “shit rolls down hill”
    (cheap apartment
    Is only if the landlord could trust someone not to damage the building or grounds)

    Just letting you know it actually takes more time and energy to clean up after this trash then it does to actually put things where they belong.

    • The landlord threw this out the window. I know it shouldn’t be his responsibility to clean up the mess left behind because a tenant should leave the apartment clean, but some people have no respect, but the landlord should have found a better way to clean it instead of throwing it out the window & making this mess because now he’s making all his other tenants live in this mess & that’s disgusting!!!!

    • did you read the whole piece before commenting?

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