New Bedford community of pet lovers help reunite ‘Lia’ and her human after missing for 2 weeks


The New Bedford community really comes together when it comes to missing pets. Neither we as a Facebook page nor anyone who shares these pets makes any money for these posts but the payment comes in the form of the happiness that comes from uniting pet and human.

We all know that sometimes these stories do not have happy endings and sometimes the pets are seriously injured or found deceased. Time is of the essence and there’s no quicker way to get our furry friends back home that social media.

Here is a story about a cat named ‘Lia that was reunited after being missing for two weeks! That was a time span where some really nasty, rainy weather hit the area demonstrating the resilience of cats! ‘Lia’ was not an outdoor cat which makes it even more impressive.

It all began with a simple enough message: “Hi, can you please help me find my cat? Her name is ‘Lia’ and she ran out on Friday night. Around Cottage St. and Smith St. New Bedford. She is not an outdoor cat.”

No clues, hints, or sighting of ‘Lia’ came about. Then, almost 2 weeks later a surprise message!

UPDATE on Wednesday:

“Hi, I just want to let you guys know that I found my cat Lia🥹 thank you so so much for posting her and thank you to everyone who shared and commented on the post.

And a big thank you to BRANDON from New Bedford Police Animal Control for rescuing her and bringing her home safely. And also a big thank you to HAYDEN who found her and contacted animal control. Thank you so much for all you guys💗🙏🏼”

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