New Bedford Cardboard Recycling

cardboard recycling New Bedford MADid you know the City of New Bedford earns revenue from cardboard? Recycling cardboard also saves the City money by avoiding disposal costs.  In 2010, New Bedford collected 255 tons of cardcoard and earned more than $20,000.

Cardboard that’s trash to you is valuable to many others. Selling the cardboard generates money for the city, which is used to buy items such as litter baskets, blue bins and equipment such as a cardboard compactor. Families that recycle cardboard also save money, like on the cost of trash bags.

Keeping cardboard out of the Crapo Hill Landfill, helps to extend its life. Since transporting trash to an out-of-town site costs significantly more, extending the life of Crapo Hill is very cost effective.

“Cardboard recycling in the city is improving,” says Recycling Assistant Meg Hebert. “A growing number of City businesses are making a difference in the cardboard recycling effort. Overall curbside recycling tonnage has increased by 47 percent in the past five years.”

Recycle thin cardboard such as cereal boxes and corrugated cardboard in the blue bin you designate for paper. Flatten the boxes and fold or cut them to no more than 2 feet by 3 feet. Excess flattened cardboard can be placed beneath your blue bin.

You may bring larger cardboard boxes to the Shawmut Avenue Transfer Station located at 1103 Shawmut Avenue. There is a compactor there for cardboard only. The hours are Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM and Saturday 8 AM to 2 PM.

For more information, call Marissa Perez-Dormitzer, District Recycling Coordinator, at (508) 979-1493.

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