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New Bedford Guide’s Best Breakfast Spots



We asked New Bedford Guide Facebook followers for the best breakfast spots in the New Bedford area. We had 300 comments. Here are the results with restaurants receiving at least 4 votes:

  1. The Breakfast Klub – 1232 Acushnet Ave. (38 votes)
  2. Dillon’s Restaurant – 583 County St. (30 votes)
  3. Table 8 – 1836 Acushnet Ave. (25 votes)
  4. Golden Greek Restaurant – 1103 Acushnet Ave. (21 votes)
  5. The Willow Tree – 12 Rockdale Ave. (17 votes)
  6. Cobblestone’s – 7 S 6th St. (17 votes)
  7. Symposium Family Dining – 851 Mt Pleasant St. (16 votes)
  8. Whaling City Diner – 894 Purchase St. (15 votes)
  9. Angelo’s Orchid Diner – 805 Rockdale Ave. (12 votes)
  10. Shawmut Diner – 943 Shawmut Ave. (10 votes) – CLOSED
  11. Cinderella’s Kitchen – 769 Ashley Blvd. (9 votes)
  12. Westend Grill – 1000 Rockdale Ave. (9 votes)
  13. Little Phoenix – 4128 Acushnet Ave. (7 votes)
  14. Cyd’s Creative Kitchen – 2331 Acushnet Ave. (6 votes)
  15. Izzy’s Restaurant – 72 Spring St. (6 votes)
  16. Miguel’s Restaurant – 253 Union St (5 votes)
  17. Lolly’s Cafe – 218 Rockdale Ave. (4 votes)
  18. Brown Jug Tavern – 483 Ashley Blvd (4 votes)

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  1. Don’t forget Platters in the south end…..excellent breakfast.

    • Platters good food older waitress is rude . I don’t go there cause of her always rushing ppl out befor they even finish there food.

  2. when we visit from Texas, we go to the Breakfast Club for Hash!

  3. u asked ALL THE WRONG people dude Miguels is #1…hands down

  4. I nominate Center Cafe in the So. End

  5. Bring back shawmut diner jeesh best breakfast ever

  6. I so miss CJ’s Galley on Cove Road…best cheese rolls, big slab of tasty ham & best homefries !!!!

  7. Breakfast Klub is by far the best! Love that place! #1 all the way!!!!!!!

  8. I’ve never been to the Breakfast Klub, but there is no need to, because I go to Dillons!

  9. Chef Jeff’s on rt 177 in Westport! Homemade hash: corned beef, casoila, chourico….lobster eggs benedict, Crepes, etc etc

  10. ..Chef Jeff’s ..Chef Jeff’s ..it’s off to fun & food at Chef Jeff’s… tell all… tell all ..Big or small…it’s fun foodtime at Chef Jeff’s……

  11. ..oh.!!! ..I forgot.!! Chef Jeff’s Chowder & Breakfast specials are to die for.!!!!!!

  12. I judge a breakfast places by a few important points

    1. For your coffee, must have cream or milk in a container (not packaged). And the sugar must be in a jar (no sugar packs).

    2. Coffee has to be good! If the coffee is bad, the breakfast is bad. (not really but good coffee is essential)

    3. Omelettes should not be overstuffed. Bad breakfast places piles tons of meat and cheese into the omelette. No need. That ruins the omelette. Couple slices of cheese and couple slices of meat. Perfect

    4. Homefries have to be good!

    Personally, I go to USA Breakfast in Freetown. They have a great breakfast. Only problem is that you usually have to wait.

  13. seth d. wahlstrom

    Whaling city diner is hands down the best.have eaten at all listed.the complimentary yogurt and granola is amazing,restraunt and kitchen are so clean food is amazing.my newbreakfast and lunch spot when fishing out of new Bedford.

  14. Rita Marie’s Diner in the south end off Brock and the Center Café in the south end off Brock. Best cheese rolls, good prices and great staff.

  15. Lollys cafe is #1

  16. Come try Mystic Cafe in Fairhaven
    Great coffee great company

  17. Margarets in Fairhaven is kick butt good. Love it.

  18. Little phoenix is the best place !!!

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