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Nerds To Go offers cyber-security, repairs, IT solutions and everything in between for individual and small businesses


In the land of computer repair and service, the only way to differentiate oneself from the masses is to excel: do a better job than the rest, provide superior customer service, and offer an affordable, fair price. There is no way to live in the modern world without safe, secure, stable communication – through our smartphones, tablets and computers. From residents to small businesses, it’s vital to the day to day functioning and any disruption can have a significant impact.

One of the biggest errors a business can make is the bad practice of hiring their own Information Technology (I.T.). Many others will outsource their providers, often from another region or nation altogether. If you work in the financial service industry (accounting, personal finance, etc.), legal services (business law attorneys, and their office staff), or as a medical service provider that is a serious risk that can have heavy financial repercussions.

After spending 25 years in the I.T. field, Taunton resident, veteran and owner of “Nerds To Go,” John Danahey decided to put his vast knowledge, expertise and passion together in a venture and struck out on his own in June 2018. After his daughter was born in the summer of 2017, he felt that spending an average of 3 hours a day during a commute was going to take quality time from her. Family was too important.

The corporate I.T. world’s loss is boon for the region: Danahey has certifications from the SANS Institute, Bryant College, Arizona State University, the Disaster Recovery Institute International, and currently enrolled in the M.S. Systems Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Furthermore, he has worked in all types of environments from small start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies, managed data centers, data center relocations, corporate disaster recovery preparedness and exercises, enterprise software deployments, and software development organizations.

Combined with staff qualifications which include degrees from New England Institute of Technology, and several Apple and other certifications we get a world-class company that is staffed by experts in security, backup and restore, small and medium-sized businesses enterprise-class data protection and a number of other areas.

We are Nerds To Go, and we are data protection experts. Let us help you and your business eliminate your risks!

Danahey wants to separate himself from the highly competitive market and his decades of experience within the industry have taught him what those weaknesses are. In addition, he feels that there are many segments of the I.T. market that are neglected one of those is in-home service and another in-store service. Most companies want nothing to do with we “little” people since there aren’t large profits to be made. Danahey and staff bring the industry from the corporate world to our homes and shops offering service to all in a broadly encompassing manner.

“I have witnessed just how bad customer service can be in I.T. organizations and we will never hire anyone who believes that the customer is an inconvenience. We at NerdsToGo know that the customer is at the center of our world and they should be our most important consideration in everything,” said John.

Community Liaison Director Mitch Zucker feels that what separates Nerds To Go from the competition is their emphasis on focus on cybersecurity and helping small businesses to better protect themselves through firewalls and ongoing management of their servers and networks. Also their proactive maintenance which adds tremendous value to their clients by preventing unnecessary downtime.

Most companies have an approach whereby they address issues and problems as they arise while the staff at Nerds To Go feel that that is an outdated approach. Waiting until the damage has been done hurts the customer. Why not do as much as possible to prevent and use tackling issues as a secondary option?

No need to fear the Hard Drive Horror Show, if you work with Nerds To Go.

Showing their heart, desire to help the local community, and their flexible ability to customize to a client’s needs, Nerds To Go recently completed a project for a blind client. Being cut off from the benefits that those of us who have our sight reap, they built a system allowing her to have those same benefits using voice commands and then trained her on how to use it. Read her father’s touching letter in the photo album below.

If you own a business and want a glimpse at what they do each “First Friday” of the month they offer a FREE small business networking strategy session that also includes tips on developing your “pitch”, and how to get the most out of your “social media” presence.

When it comes to computer repairs, business data security services, IT services, diagnosing slow or frozen computers/phones/tablets/printers, networking needs, data backup and recovery, virus protection and removal, and everything in between Nerds To Go is the region’s go-to source. That includes PCs, MAC and even gaming consoles! Their quick response, expertise, and experience is invaluable and by making their service fair and affordable it is available to all even the resident at home.

If you are a current client and “refer a friend” who becomes a client you receive discounts on services. They also frequently offer promotions. Want to see what people who have used their services are saying? You can see testimonials here.


Nerds To Go

63 Tremont St., Unit A
Taunton, Massachusetts

Call: (508) 659-4640 or 1-800-390-NERD

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-2:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Facebook: facebook.com/NerdsToGoTauntonMA
Website: nerdstogo.com/location/taunton-ma/

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