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NBHS alumni to form young alumni association


The NBHS Young Alumni Association aims to offer students a more personal and peer-oriented approach to college and career advising.

Recent alumni of New Bedford High School will formally launch the New Bedford High School Young Alumni Association on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 11 a.m. in the Family Engagement Center of NBHS. The association, co-chaired by Justin Braga ’12 and Melissa Isidor ’13, now both students at Brown University, will act as a service organization with members contributing on a volunteer basis to their alma mater.

Aims of the NBHS Young Alumni Association include college and career advising from young alumni who have begun their post-high school careers attending colleges and universities, receiving technical training and joining the military, as well as serving as an advisory group to the administration for preparation of NBHS for postsecondary pathways.

“The NBHS Young Alumni Association aims to offer students a more personal and peer-oriented approach to college and career advising,” said Isidor. “Through long term efforts, our organization plans to serve as a resource to faculty and students, as well help improve the overall school perception in the community.”

Braga said, “As recent graduates of New Bedford High School, we feel that it is our responsibility to give back to the people of this community who did so much for us by being a part of the process that helps a new generation of graduates succeed. It is our hope that the entire community will join us in supporting the students and faculty who will take NBHS to new heights.”

The Young Alumni Association is not a selective organization; all young alumni are encouraged to join. Members will be added to the association’s database and serve as resources for current students and administration. Members will also be added to an email list for future events held through the organization. Interested young alumni may sign up online at http://bit.ly/1w334ba or visit the group’s Facebook page.

Monday’s announcement will include Braga, Isidor, as well as fellow young alumni Adam Vieira, Christian Perez, Rebecca Kanter and Jessica Barros. Members of the School Committee, Superintendent Pia Durkin and Headmaster Kathleen Dawson will join in the announcement.

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