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Show off your pets on national “Love Your Pet Day,” February 20


While we love our pets every day and all the time, the entire nation pays tribute to our furry best friends each February 20th. While some holidays are a bit silly – Talk Like A Pirate Day, Lima Bean Respect Day, even a Crouton Day -this is one near and dear to our hearts and one we can all get behind.

With our incredibly busy lives, the days fly by and we can forget that our best buddies need more than walking, a few treats, and a scooping of their litter box. Some extra time grooming, playing with them, or spending more time with them beyond a quick walk are some great ways to use this holiday reminder.

Another great way is to share with the community the pride and bond we have with our loyal companion: changing our profile or banner image on social media and/or uploading a selfie with them. As far as holidays go, this is one that is fun and connects us and our pets with the local community – sharing images, anecdotes, and memories.

So, whether you have a dog or 5, a bunch of cats or one, a bunny, parrot, hamster, or even a ball python or Bearded Dragon today is the day to set aside a little extra time with our pets and give them back some of that love they are always giving.

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