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The proof is in the smiles!

It seems that dance has become as popular as ever. There are a fair number of dance studios in the area, and it seems there are new ones cropping up regularly. What is it about dancing that has contributed to its recent popularity?

It is not that it has become a trend or fad, but rather that people are re-discovering the benefits of the millenia old activity. Dance has been around in some form for as long as people have been alive, and transformed into an art form for at least 9,000 years. While initially used for ceremony or ritual, dance would become a form of exercise, leisure and fun for anyone and everyone.

The physical benefits of dance are many.

Whether for ritual, trance states, and ceremonies or a form of expression, art or exercise, dancing seems to have as many purposes as there are people. Studies show that dancing benefits the body and mind, contributing to the health of both. Dance as exercise will help you lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight and increase muscle tone. Light to moderate impact is beneficial for bone strength. The cardiovascular demands reduce blood pressure and therefore promote heart health. Furthermore, the raised metabolism translates into higher energy levels.

Other benefits are social, mental or psychological. Aerobic exercise has been show to reverse loss in size of the hippocampus – the section of the brain which controls memory. Not only does this improve one’s memory, but can stave off dementia.

The social aspects of making new friends and/or engaging in activities with old friends reduces stress and increases happiness – great ways to fight off depression or anxiety. Who hasn’t shaken the blues, a stressful day or break-up by dancing the night away?

Dance allows students to use their motor skills to communicate and express emotions in a way that words always can’t. On top of it being an outlet for kids to have fun, it also allows students to gain knowledge in what a healthy lifestyle entails, exercising, eating healthy, staying in shape, having a strong focus, teamwork, etc dance has become such a positive force in our students life that it has made them able to be more aware of who they are as young people and the future of society.

Studies show that dancing benefits the body and mind, contributing to the health of both.

So the list of reasons to take up dance are numerous. So it’s no wonder, that we are seeing more and more dance studios popping up – all offering some pretty spectacular classes. One of the stars of the show is Motion The Dance Studio on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth owned by Cortney Puza, who is also the Artistic Director. “Motion” prides itself in allowing students to be themselves and have fun while creating the best dance education possible to shape them into elite dancers and remarkable people.

Puza is simply offering dance enthusiasts an opportunity to find out the aforementioned benefits and share her love of dance, which she has been doing since she was three years old and started teaching at age 15. She spent most of her life competing at the regional and even national level collecting awards, ribbons and trophies along the way from events like the American Dance Awards, Dance Masters of America, Kids for Kids and more.

By striking out on her own, Puza can narrow down her offerings to what she is passionate about: bringing dance and its benefits to people of all ages. While she focuses on contemporary, jazz and acrobat, she is adept and experienced in all forms and also offers classes in hip hop, tap, ballet, jazz and more. She was a member of the Bridewater State University Dance team – which was named 10th in the Nation at the Universal Dance Association Nationals – en route to earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance Education from Bridgewater State University in May, to compliment her life of competition.


Complimenting her experience and expertise are Dance Teachers Andrea Souza, Alica Barreiro, Erin Mcgurl, and James Brown. All share in the same passion for dance and an undying commitment to the dancers at the studio. This well-rounded cast of experts promotes a positive environment, and a family vibe that allows the relationship between the parents, kids, and teachers to communicate clearly – in integral and often overlooked aspect to contributes to confidence, positive learning transfer and success.

The idea to open her own studio seemed part of an organic process, and perhaps something she was destined for. At a summer camp put on by Motion the Dance Studio’s previous owner, Puza was overseeing the younger age group (7-8 years old) and was so touched by the drive, ability, and promise that these little superstars showed her that she came to the realization that this was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. It also made me realize how important her role as a role model was to the kids. She genuinely felt that she was the one that was lucky enough to provide them with the knowledge and tools to shape them into and their future.

So, it could be said that Motion The Dance Studio is much more than a place to learn to dance. It’s so much more than that – it’s a center for mental and physical health, personal growth, self-improvement, a rite of passage (which seem to all but disappearing), and developing important social skills that will last a lifetime. If your child wishes to take their dancing to the next level and compete, they will have multiple opportunities, as Motion participates in numerous competitions and conventions all year long. A child learned another set of lifelong character attributes that are developed in the competitive environment – the three “P”s of patience, persistence, perseverance.

Motion The Dance Studio is much more than a place to learn to dance.

Cortney is dedicated to providing these opportunities and backs it up by making tuition – which is not raised each month – something affordable and within reach. If you’re looking for a positive environment, an educated, knowledgeable and passionate staff that keeps up with dance innovations, and a place for your child to develop important skills that will help them navigate through life, you will want to visit Motion The Dance Studio to watch a class and meet the instructors.

For the big “kids,” Motion has a spectacular adult fitness program, where they offer a four week boot-camp which includes a meal plan, weekly measurements, and a 3 day a week Tabata workout to get you in the best shape possible. Complimenting that is Buti Yoga whose signature movement fuses yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics, and functions as the core of the wellness approach.

On August 20th you will have a wonderful opportunity to do see what Motion The Dance Studio does and meet the instructors, at their Registration Event. All ages and levels are welcome to come and interact with Cortney, Andrea, and James. You’ll quickly find out what the magic is behind the superstars that Motion is producing – a mixture of experience, passion, and knowledge that is personified by Puza and her staff.

If you or your children are serious about learning to dance, mark your calendar for this must-attend event.

Motion The Dance Studio
365 Faunce Corner Road
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 995-2403

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thu: 4:00 pm-9:00 pm
Sat & Sun: 9:00 am-12:00 am

Facebook Fitness Page:
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  1. My daughter dances competitively at Motion the Dance Studio. She loves it! It is a wonderful studio. Cortney LOVES what she does and it shows. DollyG

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