Mom upset about noiseless, military-style lunches forced on students at New Bedford schools


“I don’t know how many parents are aware but at Keith Junior High School and other schools, they have always been heavy on the students not speaking but now they are forcing noiseless lunches.

Recently my child was in trouble in school with some other children. They were forced to write an essay and denied recess due to ‘talking.’ The story isn’t about worked up children forcing conversation. These are brief conversations like the offering of a pencil sharpener as ‘breaking the rules.’

How do other parents feel about this? Why are they forcing our children to have a military experience at school? Why are they unable to socialize or even offer a kind gesture of a pencil sharpener? My son was forced to do these things for doing what I teach him to do every day! Do other parents find these schools are becoming a little much when it comes to our children?

Keep me anonymous please! Never know with these schools and retaliation. I have children in the public school system. Just want to see if I can get a few parents to speak out and voice their opinion. Most parents are not even aware of this silent lunch rule. The school claims it’s so children don’t choke! Seriously?”

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  1. I would lime to know if tbis no talking is just at lunch? I can see tbe educational value of a time of silence and just eating, IF tbis is just at lunch and during instruction. As a parent Id want to know more, but I woild slso hear out the teachers and administration on tne matter.

  2. Military style?

    Maybe it’s Benedictine Monastery style.

  3. As the parent asked, please keep me anonymous. Keith is doing the right thing. In other schools the kids are out of control. Food is wasted and the person on duty simply looks the other way. Lunch is not a place to converse, yes due to choking, a parent would blame the school if their child did choke. Recess is a time for talking. Back in the day we would only speak when we were spoken too by a person of authority and never speak out to other students while in class. The generation of today is allowed to be out of control. Good job KMS this practice should be through the nbps. Anyone with any comment should volunteer, with a background check to witness what goes on in other schools during a lunch shift. Parents also want all to drive around schools as if our children live there yet park on the wrong side of the street and drive like animals on the neighbor streets when picking up their kids. GREAT JOB KEITH MIDDLE SCHOOL.

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