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Modern Parent, Relish the Experience of Motherhood


By Shonna McGrail Ryan

Becoming a parent is and always will be a mixture of excitement, anticipation, hard work, and yes, a bit of nervousness.  In modern times, some of the needs of new parents can be met through online resources such as parenting blogs and shopping from home. However, if you just had a new addition to your family or have one on the way, you probably have already discovered that the sheer number of sites out there can be overwhelming. For the modern parent looking for a little help, local woman and mother Denell Pepin has an innovative new blog site called MoPa.

MoPa (short for Modern Parent) is a trendy blog that is just getting its start but already has a lot to offer when it comes to highlighting everything from baby gadgets to back to school fashion. The website and social media components of MoPa are dedicated to today’s modern parent lifestyle and celebrating parenthood as well as highlighting the individuality of mothers everywhere.  In addition to frequent posts highlighting cool new products, MoPaShow.com also posts a monthly “Modern Mom Series” which shares interviews and photos of unique moms who have blended their lifestyle and motherhood into a successful package.

Denell and her two boys.

I sat down with MoPa creator Denell Pepin the other day to find out more about her blog and about the idea of a “modern parent.”  I do not have any children myself, but having friends and family who have recently had babies I have learned that it can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Denell explained to me that too often new mothers find that their own sense of individuality comes under strain within the first few demanding years of raising a child. This is a concept that Denell is no stranger to, having been both a trend forecaster in NYC for Cotton Incorporated and now living the role of mother to two boys.  Thus, Denell created MoPa as a landing page for moms to both shop at and get daily inspiration from.

Denell was very excited to talk with me about MoPa’s first upcoming event on September 23rd.  This event is intended to take the idea of MoPa offline and into real time by providing a night out where attendees can interact with both local and national sellers while enjoying mocktails, light refreshments, music and workshops. According to Denell, participants should expect the event to be much like a beautiful baby shower that combines shopping and educational opportunities together to create a “chic and contemporary modern day expo” where new and expecting parents can mingle and chat with others from the area.

There will be five program rich workshops at the September 23rd Modern Parent event including how to best approach a baby registry and some health inspirations from the ladies at Boutique Fitness. The MoPa event will be attended by national brand representatives such as Bumble Ride, and there will also be local participants such as the New Bedford-based, internationally acclaimed jewelry artist Isabelle Grace.  Since MoPa is all about the lifestyle of the modern parent, all sales aren’t just directed towards baby gear; there will also be exhibitors for beauty products, parenting services, and much more.  Additionally, some lucky mothers will be eligible to win incredible giveaways for attending.

For new and expecting parents, this is really a great opportunity, and Denell expressed her hope that in the future this will be “an event that women look forward to every year.”  She explained to me that MoPa online and offline is geared towards giving women a chance to relish the experience of motherhood and enjoy the lifestyle of being a modern mom; “We’re all about discovering trends in baby gear & gadgets, accessories, furniture, clothing, skin care, parenting services, and more.”  It is her intention that this first MoPa event will be a night of celebrating parenthood for all in attendance.  Additionally, Denell seemed thrilled to be bringing so many quality vendors to Greater New Bedford and hopes that this event will open the door for MoPa to be involved with many other community events in the future.

The Modern Parent event will take place at the Hawthorne Country Club in North Dartmouth.  Festivities begin at 3 PM on Sunday September 23rd and end at 7 PM.  For tickets, go to www.mopashow.com.  Tickets are $15 for one person, or $20 for two people. All participants will receive a Swag Bag and the first 50 people to sign up will receive a VIP Swag Bag with great products.  For current and soon-to-be parents, this is a do not miss evening!

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