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Mobile Pro Detailing delivers exceptional service, know how and convenience to the Southcoast and Rhode Island


We all take pride in those things we worked hard to have. We paint, remodel and maintain our homes and apartments. Mow and groom our lawns. Water our plants, wax our boats, press, and dry clean our clothes.

The vast majority of us own vehicles and for many, it’s a possession we prize highly and perhaps, most. They are a reflection of who we are, we spend a lot of time in them, and they provide us with a lot of enjoyment, even memories. Some of us even have pet names for them!

Like all the things we have pride in, we like to show our cars off and we certainly aren’t happy when they are in poor condition, dirty or look horrible inside or out. Even if you are the type that owns a 4×4, truck or Jeep and enjoys taking it through mud, dirt, and rough terrain, you want your car to look nice in between mudding.

And just like any other possession, we don’t trust our cars with anyone and with those we do trust we hold them to high standards. Here in greater New Bedford there is a company that has burst onto the car detailing scene and making quite a name: Mobile Pro Detailing.

Now, I hear you: there are a lot of car detailing companies out there. Yawn. Not so fast.

There are a number of things that separate Mobile Pro Detailing from the other companies: their passion, attention to detail, know-how and get this: they come to you. They provide an exemplary mobile service!

Co-owners and Dartmouth residents, Molly Dreher and Yuri Lopes recently started the business because they both had extensive backgrounds in car detailing all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and even out west. Both have spent years as professional with major dealerships like Jeep, Kia, and Infiniti.

They struck out on their own for a few reasons: they felt while there were a lot of car detailing businesses, many of them were started by hobbyists, not professionals. In addition, while working for dealerships confined them to strict protocols and services they felt it left room for improvements. There wasn’t the freedom to add extras.

Finally, there was a demand for “house calls.” They noticed that no one was providing the convenience of having professionals come to your home or place of business and having your car detailed without interrupting our busy lives. You get your pride and joy taken care while you work, play, spend time with family and friends. Gone is the idea that you have to drop your car off and arrange for a friend pick you up, or sit bored in a waiting room.

How the service works is that Mobile Pro Detailing brings the machinery, tools, and equipment to you and that includes all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This is not simply cleaning and washing, but a full service that takes a serious amount of time (averaging about 2 hours) and attention. Your car gets washed, polished, clayed, waxed, and vacuumed out. Scratches get removed, tires get washed and treated, stains removed. Setting up an appointment is easy, just call:(857) 701-6095

“We do have our own water and electricity that we normally use when we are are a customer’s office/work, so that isn’t something they need to worry about.” states Molly. “We are also very good with communicating with our clients – we ask if we can be early, let you know if we finish the car earlier than anticipated or if we’re stuck in traffic and going to be a couple minutes late. Some companies will leave you hanging or reschedule on you, but we are very responsible and informative with our clients.”

This type of responsive, attentive service carries over into the detail they put into their work. You get the high standards. Best of all, not only is Mobile Pro Detailing competitively priced and affordable, but they offer number of options in varying price ranges – you can have just an interior treatment of you prefer. The packages are color-coded progressively with Green, Yellow and Red packages.

For example, with the “Green Interior Only” package they: “…vacuum seats, carpets, trunk and floor mats, shampoo carpets/seats, clean all interior surfaces (vents, cup holders, etc.), apply UV protectant to all hard interior surfaces to restore shine and luster, wipe down any leather surfaces and apply a conditioner, clean interior windows. 1 hour, 45 minutes.” Packages start at $130 for a Coupe, Sedan or Wagon.

Molly and Yuri find one of the most rewarding aspects of their job to be the customers’ reactions to finished results. “The feeling of taking something dirty, messy and in bad condition and with your own hard work and time, transforming it into something clean, new, and shiny feels really good. Getting the car to look and feel new again really makes people happy and I believe it changes their mood when they get into their cars to drive.”

If you want a team of dedicated, hard-working, reliable professionals to treat your car as if it was their own, then you will be thoroughly pleased with Molly and Yuri’s services. They love what they do so much that a “short” week to them is working a 6 day week and 8 hour day. They have rocketed out of the gate by going above and beyond customer’s expectations and know with clarity what it takes to make a business continue to prosper and grow: hard work, patience, and taking responsibility.

I’ll let them have the last word – word that sums up their enthusiasm, positive attitude, and business ethics: “It’s amazing all the different people we meet and fantastic cars we see. And I get to work with my best friend! We are a team in everything, work and life.”

You can book an appointment by Phone: (857) 701-6095, Email: mobileprodetails@gmail.com or even conveniently through their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mobileprodetail/ You can also gift their service with an e-gift card – a great gift. Mobile Pro Detailing frequently offers deals, promotions, and discounts so be sure to check their pages or call often, especially any time a holiday has come around.

“Excellent very satisfied” -Rob Q. Freetown, MA

“Fantastic job on my car, inside & out. Would highly recommend.” – Kim D. Amherst, NH

“They arrived early, introduced themselves, and did an awesome job, can’t believe how good my car looks.” – Sandra W. Watertown MA


Mobile Pro Detailing
Monday-Sunday: 7:00am-6:00pm

Phone: (857) 701-6095
Facebook: facebook.com/mobileprodetail/
Email: mobileprodetails@gmail.com


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