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Rev. Russ picking up donated bread from Stop & Shop in Fairhaven.

Mercy Meals and More Fund Needs YOU!


Michael Silvia
by Michael Silvia

“Thanks to you, my grand children will eat today.”

These words have had a mixed impact on my thoughts and soul since attempting to distribute bread to a food pantry that did NOT open due to the lack of volunteers. How can you not be affected when a 70-year old grandmother in the south end of New Bedford echoes these words as she desperately takes all the bread she can carry? How can you just go about your typical day, when also seeing a father, mother and their three children react the same way a few moments later? A dozen people were turned away from the pantry that morning, but were nourished that day thanks to Mercy Meals and More, a program that will go away without immediate financial support.

In my view, a city’s people are measured by how they act during crisis and how they treat their fellow citizens. Individuals are remembered by what they do for others NOT what they do for themselves. YOU and I have an opportunity save an organization that truly makes a difference in the New Bedford community. If you do not act now, where will that 70-year old lady go? Where will New Bedford’s most needy go when the warmth of summer is replaced by the chill of winter?

Rev. Russ picking up donated bread from Stop & Shop in Fairhaven.
Rev. Russ picking up donated bread from Stop & Shop in Fairhaven.

Mercy Meals and More needs YOUR help. They provide breakfast six days a week to ANYONE that wants a hot meal in the morning. They collect and distribute bread to a half dozen pantries throughout the city of New Bedford. Their location becomes the ONLY emergency cold weather shelter in New Bedford and likely saved lives during the blizzard this year. They are desperately low on funds and will lay off their most active leader Rev. Russ Chamberlain and close their doors if funds are not raised soon. $10,000 would go a long way in ensuring their doors remain open for the rest of 2013.

I ask that every citizen donate. No amount is too small. I ask that every business donate at least $100. For every hundred dollars a business donates, they will get a banner on the New Bedford Guide map portal where THOUSANDS of people visit daily to search for jobs, yard sales and other local information. A portion of your donation is tax deductible, you will be promoting your business and more importantly you will be saving an organization that makes our city a better place to live. Turn your head away and ignore this or procrastinate and New Bedford will suffer.

To donate, send the fund directly to Mercy Meals and More. You can mail a check or donate by using PayPal here: http://mercymealsandmore.com/give/. If you are a business, send me an e-mail and we will work on getting your banner into our ad rotation.



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