Meet Cole, The Lighthouse Animal Shelter Pet of The Week

Cole asked us if he could model for some new headshots in hopes that his handsome face will get someone’s attention! He’s been very patiently waiting for his perfect fit. Cole has been at the shelter for EIGHT MONTHS! Lets find him a new home!

Cole’s favorite activities are playing with any and all toys in the yard, going for walks and getting belly rubs. Cole has a lot of energy when it comes to playing but he also settles nicely in his room indoors and enjoys sunbathing on a sunny afternoon.

If you’re looking for the perfect copilot for your adventures and an affectionate dog to come home to, Cole is your boy!

Cole is around 4 years old and about 70 lb. His paperwork lists him as a Mixed Breed. He’s got a huggable, squishable body like a lab but a big ole noggin’ like a bully breed ❤️

? Dog selective
? No cats
No small children please!

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